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War, Terrorism, & Ugliness Will NOT Beat This Stock Despite What Everybody Thinks

Like you, I woke up Tuesday morning to horrific news of twin terrorist attacks at the Brussels Airport and the Maelbreek Metro Station that have killed at least 34 and wounded hundreds more. My heart is heavier than I can convey as I think about the lives savagely cut short.

Still, the world will go on.

Whatever we wish would be the case, War, Terrorism, & Ugliness is not going to go away any time soon. Unfortunately, all three are “growth industries” at the moment, and that means every investor needs to understand how to navigate his or her money through a world that will be increasingly shaped by terrorism.

Admittedly, that sounds callous. But, I learned something during the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami that helps me keep things in perspective – the best way to honor those who have perished is to redouble your efforts to live fully and to the best of your abilities.

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This Stock Has Returned 5X the S&P 500 for a Reason You May Not Expect

Quick… how many Comcast technicians does it take to fix a DVR?

Eight, evidently… and my DVR is still not working after five weeks of calling offshore customer service centers, visiting technicians who are guaranteed to arrive within a “two hour window,” and even the company’s executive resolution team.

Sadly, my predicament isn’t unusual and there’s no way I’d recommend investing in the company as a result. There are thousands of companies who claim to be all about their customers when, in fact, their customers might as well be an inconvenience based on how they’re treated.

I’m sharing my predicament with you for a reason – buying “what you know” used to be a fundamental underpinning of investment success. Now, it’s a recipe for disaster.

We’re going to talk about that today and, as always, I’m going to highlight a company where customers are truly the most important part of their business.

It’s a distinction that’s helped this company outperform the S&P 500 by 5 to 1 and led to returns 100 times greater than those achieved by Comcast – a popular investment choice – over roughly the same time frame.

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